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5 Must Do's To Enjoy Your Vacation

Updated: Sep 21, 2023

You might have every intention of going on a completely stress free vacation, but sometimes your long awaited holiday leaves you feeling more frazzled than before.

Your vacation is your time to fully relax and recharge. If you don’t commit yourself to this then you are in for stress. Below are recommendations that you should focus on to make the most of your precious time during your vacation.

1. Be Patience

Don’t sweat the small stuff. Traveling internationally, you may not understand the language or the customs. Take a step back. Take a deep breath. Life is too short and your vacations will even be shorter.

2. Observe Daily Life around you

Enjoy the life and culture around you. Be a people watcher. It’s one of my favorite things to do.

3. Break Out Of Your Comfort Zone

Try something new, whether it’s the local food, or climbing up 100 steps to a castle or swimming with sea turtles. You will never know how much you will enjoy the view from above or below.

4. Don’t Over Plan and Be Flexible

Don’t try to cram or over plan your vacation. You don't plan seeing the whole country in a weekend trip. Keep an open mind. Be still and be in the moment.

5. Be Kind to Your Body

When your body needs to rest, let it rest, listen to it. Your body’s timetable may be off from the jet lag, or the just the simple traveling from place to place. Rest and eat well when you can.

I want you to enjoy EVERY PIECE of your trip. Just sit back as life happens. I enjoy life more especially when traveling. Things happen. We can’t stop that. Sometimes we have to learn to go with the flow. Vacations are all about relaxing, experiencing and learning. Take a step back and LET IT GO...

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