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Top Must-Visit Paces In Mombasa

Updated: Sep 21, 2023

Mombasa is a Kenyan city located along the coast of the Indian Ocean, and is the most popular tourist attraction in Kenya, for good reason. Join us as we walk you through a bit of its history, it’s practiced culture and the breath-taking sites that make it so enticing.


Mombasa was predominantly occupied by the Swahili, Mijikenda and Taita but due to its long history as a trading hub, a good number of Arabs, Indians and other Kenyan tribes call it home. This makes the island a melting pot of different cultures just waiting to be experienced.

Fort Jesus Museum

It is among the most popular tourist attractions along the Kenyan coastline, and was declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Built by the Portuguese in the 16th century over a spur of coral rock, the fort is a well preserved example of architecture during the Renaissance. Its first purpose was to secure the safety of the Portuguese living on the East Coast of Africa, but it was later conquered by the Omani Arabs and then the British.

The museum is a focal point for anyone desiring to learn about the interchange of cultural values and influences between the African, Arab, Persian, Portuguese and Turkish people along the African coast.

Old Town

With a beautiful mix of Arab, Asian and European cultures, this quiet little town takes you back centuries into the simple trading days of Mombasa. There is so much to see, from the tropical butterfly sanctuary in a world class eco-tourism facility, the diverse architectural style of each building and the very selfie-worthy elephant tusks that shape a beautiful ‘M’ at the entrance to the heart of the city. It is a must visit for anyone touring the Kenyan coast.

Swahili Cultural Centre

Started in 1993, its aim is to train the young men and women of the coastal region in traditional Swahili crafts. They also learn business management which enables them to pursue self-employment. Pop in to learn some quick Swahili art and buy a souvenir after your trip while supporting a local.


Haller Park

This famous sanctuary for orphaned and lost wildlife will have you in awe. Once a quarry wasteland, this park is a showcase of complete transformation. The beauty of flora and fauna co-existing in Kenya’s age-old beauty is indescribable. Make sure to pass by their restaurant to try out game meat from crocodiles, antelope and more.

Nguuni Nature Sanctuary

If you’re up for a picnic, this is the perfect place to visit early afternoon. They offer an array of delicious light meals and drinks, perfect for the scenery. You could also take a nature walk that takes one to one and a half hours with a guide, who will also arrange meals and transport for you. Plus, you get to feed a giraffe from your bare hand!

Mamba Village Centre

Mamba Village in Mombasa is East Africa’s largest crocodile farm and is a must visit for anyone in the city. Get to learn fascinating facts about the crocodile, their life span, diet and behavior as you view them from hatchlings to full-grown adults.

Take a walk through the botanical gardens and close your tour at the restaurant where they serve a variety of game meat that you pick to your liking.

Wild waters waterpark

After a hot day of exploration, cool off from the coastal sunshine at the Wild Waters Waterpark. From giant water slides, play houses, rain dances, to the lazy river, there is undeniably a thrill for everyone in the family at this one of a kind entertainment center. They are open Tuesday to Sunday and on all Kenyan public holidays.

Nyali beach

Kenya is known for having some of the best beaches in the world. Nyali beach in Mombasa is among the most famous. Whether you feel like sunbathing, swimming or surfing, Nyali has you covered. It is also surrounded by elaborate beach resorts providing luxurious accommodation. The beach offers much privacy and is never crowded.


Mombasa is known for being a cosmopolitan town and is the second most diverse city in Kenya after Nairobi. Occupied originally by the Swahili, centuries of trade has made it home to the Mijikenda, Taita, Arabs and Indians, who contribute heavily to it’s diverse cuisine, experienced in pretty much every restaurant.

Splendid View

From mshikaki, to mahamri, to pilau, have a taste of authentic Swahili dishes along with a tasty twist on seafood at this restaurant.

Sea Haven Restaurant

This child-friendly cozy restaurant has a wide range of meals to choose from. They also offer vegetarian options for many of their dishes.


Shehnai is an Indian restaurant serving both meat and vegetarian options. Most of the menu is comfort food with a wide array of delicious curries.

Misono Japanese Restaurant

Misono is famed all around Kenya for having the best Japanese dishes and this branch in Mombasa is no exception. The staff is extremely friendly and the ambience is unmatched.

Rozina Restaurant

Their dishes are a blend of Indian, Arab and Swahili dishes. They also offer a variety of seafood and are a perfect place to visit for large groups.

With so much to be seen and experienced in Mombasa, it can be overwhelming deciding where to go first, where to stay, what to do and how to budget. At Sonder travels, we plan every single detail for you and ensure you get the best of Mombasa. All you have to do, is enjoy your holiday.

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