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Royal Caribbean offers a variety of drink packages designed to suit different preferences and budgets. Here are the main types of drink packages available:

Good to Know:

  • Pricing: Prices for drink packages can vary based on the length of the cruise, ship, and itinerary. Royal Caribbean often offers discounts for pre-purchasing packages before the cruise.

  • Gratuities: Drink packages include a service charge (gratuity) in the price.

  • Restrictions: Sharing drink packages is not allowed. Each adult in the stateroom must purchase the package if one adult chooses to buy it.


$231.20 per person

This package is ideal for non-drinkers and includes premium coffee and tea, bottled water, fresh-squeezed juices, non-alcoholic cocktails, and soda. It covers beverages from onboard bars, lounges, and dining venues.


$82.52 per person

This package offers unlimited refills of Coca-Cola beverages at onboard bars, lounges, and dining venues. It includes a souvenir cup and access to Coca-Cola Freestyle machines.


$26.99 per 12 pack

This package allows you to pre-order bottled water to be delivered to your stateroom. It's available in quantities of 6, 12, or 24 bottles.


$36.58 per person

This package provides a set number of specialty coffee drinks (usually around 15) from onboard coffee shops.

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Package Price: $126


Royal Caribbean offers high-speed internet service known as VOOM, which is available in different packages to suit varying needs. Here are the main internet packages you can expect:

VOOM Surf & Stream Package

This is the most comprehensive package and provides the highest speed available on the ship. It is ideal for:

  • Streaming music, movies, and TV shows.

  • Video chatting using apps like Skype or FaceTime.

  • Browsing the web and using social media.

  • Checking emails and staying connected.

VOOM Surf Package

This package offers reliable internet access for basic usage. It is suitable for:

  • Browsing the web.

  • Checking emails.

  • Using social media.

  • Instant messaging.

Good to Know:

  • Multiple Devices: You can choose packages for one or multiple devices. You can also switch between devices if you only purchase for one.

  • Device Management: If you have a package for one device, make sure to log out before logging in on another device to avoid being locked out.

How to Purchase

  • Pre-cruise: You can buy your internet package online through the Royal Caribbean Cruise Planner before your trip.

  • Onboard: Packages can also be purchased once you are on the ship, either through the Royal Caribbean app or at guest services.

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